MechanzO 6+


MechanzO Robotic Kits are the perfect way to learn about Robotics.When one builds and assembles a robot, one learns various aspects of Science, elementary Electronics and Mechanics.The kit aims at fostering creativity and build a sharp IQ in a child! Children have a lot of fun working on MechanzO 6+ and so it makes an excellent ‘fun-education’ gift.

Key features of the ‘MechanzO 6+’ kit are:-

Contains 150+ parts such as a Remote, Controller Brick, Motors & Gears, Metal strips & bars etc.
Any number of models can be built using the parts provided! Helps kids to expand their imagination and creativity!
The kit can be used to make tens of working models…Few of the ones which can be built are 5 Wheeler Car, Aeroplane, Boat, Elephant, Fly Bird.
With the help of ABL’s custom Controllers, Connectors & Cables the kids can give shape to their imaginations in no time!
Comes with an Assembly Guide providing step by step instructions including a number of illustrations to assemble models of their choice with no difficulty whatsoever.
Nurtures creativity in the student and helps in developing a good IQ
It’s a wonderful aid to explore science concepts through Robotics
The kit conforms to all common safety & environmental standards, is completely safe to use.


Some of the ‘models’ that can be built:

Cable Car
Remote Control Car
Remote Control Bike
Sweeping BOT
Steering Car
Garbage Dumper Truck


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