MechanzO 12+


MechanzO Robotic Kits are the perfect way to learn about Robotics.When one builds and assembles a Robot with Sensing & Controlling capabilities, one learns various aspects of Science, Technology, Engineering & Math aka (STEM) which is regarded as the IDEAL PATH for ‘Experiential Learning’ globally – Learning by way of doing, and in a ‘fun’ way. The kit aims at fostering creativity and building sharp IQ in children. children will have a lot of fun working on MechanzO 12+ and using this kit a number of programmable ‘multi-function’ robots or ‘Bots’ in short can be built.

Students are exposed to near real-world problem-solving ecosystem including an easy-to-use GUI programming environment, LinkUP as well as a number of input, output & access elements, helping them build ‘automation’ bots, besides off-course clearing any grey areas that may exist on the science concepts taught in the classrooms.

This kit is best suited for students aged 12 and above:-

Key features of the ‘MechanzO 12+’ kit are:-

Contains 200+ parts such as Programmable Controller Disc, Sensors, Motors, Gears, Harnesses & Wheels, Metallic Plates, Bars & Shafts, Displays etc.
Accompanied with ABL Education’s in-house developed light-weight GUI Programming Environment with drag & drop blocks, Free-hand links, debugging therby helping create flow-based logic within no time
A number of sample models which help the students get started with – 3D Robotic Arm , Crazy Car , Drawing Robot , Human Robot ,Line Follower Robot ,Obstacle Avoider Robot , Separator , Walker , Surface Color Identifier and Photophobe Robot.
An Assembly Guide providing step-by-step instructions to build the models, also explaining the science concepts behind every model
The kit conforms to all common safety & environmental standards, is completely safe to use.


LinkUpTM’ Programming Software features include:

Modern GUI Programming Enviornment
Easy-to-use, Drag-&-drop ‘Blocks-based’ programming, making it very simple for the beginners
Maximize the work space
Step-by-Step HTML Help guide for beginners
No driver(s) to be installed
Easy interfacing with the hardware using the USB port
Support for Windows XP is also available
No dependency on Java/ .Net engine/ frame work
Debugging and Error detection at the programming stage
An all-in-one Installer, with everything included in it

Some of the ‘models’ codes bundled with LinkUpTM include:

• 3D Robotic Arm
• Crazy Car
• Drawing Robot
• Human Robot
• Line Follower Robot
• Obstacle Avoider Robot
• Separator
• Walker
• Surface Color Identifier
• Photophobe Robot


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